Abuabara Photography

Artist Statement

“Our personal growth fuels our photography and our photography fuels our personal growth.” -Brooks Jenson

A sound image is fascinating each time it is seen. I am thrilled every time the shutter is opened and a moment is caught. Seeing beautiful light illuminating my subject, I capture each image with passion. There must be a gentleness, trust, and respect between my subject and me for a moving image to be taken. I rely on my ability to see the moment and be present, as well as my sensitivity to preserve timing other people cannot always see. Each connection is unique and special.

The more I photograph, the more deeply I connect with the world. Whether it be capturing the image of a water droplet on a leaf, a newborn infant sleeping, or someone caught in a moment of daily life, photography is my creative way to connect with others and make a positive impact. It is my chief creative outlet and a source of being in this hectic world. Within the precious moments of photography, I see my dreams, values, and goals. I see beauty.