Abuabara Photography

How I Started

After living and studying in – and traveling through – Australia, I realized how much I loved taking pictures. I went on trips all around the continent, with my first priority being to take beautiful pictures. During the last couple of weeks abroad, I phoned my mum and told her my life’s ambition:

“Mum! I figured out what I’m going to do with my life. I’m going to be a photographer!”

Seeing as how I had oh so much experience, my mother simply chuckled and said she would see me in a few weeks.

I came home with just as much inspiration as I’d felt while still in Australia, and quickly applied to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. At Brooks, I was challenged, forced to go outside my comfort zone. This prepared me to jump into the photography industry with bravery and courage. Photography brings a childlike wonder, curiosity, and magic to life; it also gives me fulfillment and a new set of goals.

I’ve realized I have the power in my photography to help others by donating my time or profits to causes I deeply believe in. Photography gives me the power to challenge others around me with a new way of looking at something, showing them a place they might never get to, or simply bringing smiles to their faces. With a strong upbringing in the appreciation of the natural world, nature and travel photography warm my heart. I am transitioning, however, more and more to newborn and life-stage photography. This genre is so much fun to work with and really makes me want to capture it more and more. I want to continue doing the work I love, and I hope to one day help preserve and protect this fragile world in which we live, love, and enjoy this precious life.